KUALA LUMPUR: A mobile application will be developed to help plan travelling using KL Rapid Bus on the actual time of arrival of the public transport at a certain location.

The Transport Ministry in a written reply displayed on the Parliament website said, the usage of technology will enable commuters to know the arrival and departure of buses to facilitate the planning of their journeys.

“Prasarana (Prasarana Malaysia Berhad) will also ensure the recruitment of drivers are conducted more frequently to overcome the shortage of drivers which affects the buses’ operation,” the ministry said.

The ministry was replying to a question by P. Prabakaran (PH-Batu) who asked the Transport Minister to explain how the ministry intends to ensure public buses such as KL Rapid Bus provide their service according to schedule.

Meanwhile, the ministry also stated that the perception of bus service monopoly in the Klang Valley was inaccurate as there are other bus companies apart from those under Prasarana.

“The government will study and implement the bus contracting model which is more efficient and encourages competition in future,” said the ministry.

This was in reply to a question by Prabakaran who wanted a clarification from the ministry on whether there is a monopoly system by the bus company in Kuala Lumpur. — Bernama