IPOH: Perak Umno has identified more than 50 members who acted to sabotage the party by committing various wrongdoings during the 15th general election including campaigning for the opposing party.

Perak Umno Liaison Committee chairman Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad said of that number, 17 were from Larut Umno division have been sacked, while more, including those from other divisions, are being investigated before further action is taken.

“Some are not candidates, proposers or supporters for the opposition, but during the campaign period, they are clear whether they are talking or carrying the opposition flag or campaigning on behalf of the opposition.

“In this regard, we have sent a report to the Disciplinary Board (Umno) of the state and also at central level and some of them have been sacked. We will wait for the rest as the party management committee announces,“ he said here today.

He commenting on yesterday’s media report that acts of self-sabotage were identified as one of the main factors in Umno’s heavy defeat in Perak during GE15 after officiating the Perak state level Women’s Day celebrations.

Meanwhile, Saarani said he was satisfied with the process of the Umno election in Perak yesterday.

“There was no serious commotion and the Umno Election Committee (JPU) did a good job, in fact most of them took the experience of March 11 to improve.

“So I hope those elected are grateful, thankful and will be determined to provide good service. Those who don’t succeed, don’t despair, don’t sulk, don’t sabotage the party because if you want to contribute, we can contribute in any situation,“ he said. - Bernama