My loyalty has limits, says Azmin

21 Jul 2019 / 23:43 H.

SHAH ALAM: Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali has pledged not to remain quiet any longer, amidst a growing rift in PKR over the gay sex video clips implicating the PKR deputy president.

The PKR deputy president said he would not be moved by dirty politics trying to bring him down and put an end to his career, in reference to the dissemination of the video clips, and said his loyalty has its limits.

“I stand here today, pledging that whatever attacks come my way, I will get back up. Even if I am left alone, even if I’m facing people who I once knew, loyalty has its limits.

“I am loyal only to the truth and justice, and I will continue to fight for the rakyat.

“I will not remain quiet because we don’t need people like this to lead us,“ he said in a fiery speech to hundreds of supporters who had gathered at the Selangor Mentri Besar official residence for a prayer session for him, here, today.

Mohamed Azmin however did not mention any names in his speech, but insinuated that the mastermind behind the videos was someone who was once close to him.

“I was not surprised (when the video disseminated), because I know who is behind it,“ he said, adding that he would leave to the authorities to reveal the name.

Mohamed Azmin said it was time for grassroot members to overcome any fears and to rise up to defend their rights and to fight off negative influences to party.

He also reminded those who were involved in bringing him down that “while you can plan, Allah’s plan supersedes that of us human beings who are merely causing collapse morals”.

The Economic Affairs Minister also noted that the Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador has himself cleared him of any wrongdoing when he confirmed that the former was not one of the persons in the videos.

PKR seems to be in a split after Mohamed Azmin and party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were caught in a verbal exchange.

Anwar had previously said Mohamed Azmin should resign from his posts if it was confirmed that it was him who was in the videos, with Mohamed Azmin responding by saying Anwar should look himself in the mirror.

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