National Conference on Orang Asli to resolves long-standing issues

03 Jan 2019 / 09:42 H.

PETALING JAYA: A National Conference on Orang Asli will be held on Jan 11 to discuss proactive suggestions to resolving many of the long-standing issues impacting the 200,000-strong Orang Asli community in Malaysia.

The conference will be organised by Jabatan Kemajuan Orang Asli (JAKOA) in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P. Waytha Moorthy said today.

“It will see participation from all stakeholders including leaders from the Orang Asli community, civil society groups and academics,” he said in a statement.

The Conference will be preceded by a roundtable discussion on Jan 6 to identify the main issues faced by the community, including Land Rights, Infrastructure access, Education, digital divide and Youth Empowerment.

The findings and resolutions from the National Conference will be brought to the Orang Asli community for their comments, after which a Roadmap will be prepared for endorsement by the Cabinet.

“Since assuming responsibility for the Orang Asli portfolio in October 2018, I have been in discussion with relevant stakeholders to address the various issues and problems faced by the Orang Asli community in the country,” Waytha said in response to a call by Lim Kit Siang.

The DAP adviser on Tuesday called for a National Orang Asli Conference to be held to formulate a blueprint for the uplifting of the Orang Asli community in Malaysia.

“We are confident that the National Conference and subsequent Roadmap will address the long-standing issues of the Orang Asli, and in so doing fulfil the Pakatan Harapan government’s General Election manifesto to the Orang Asli community,” Waytha added.

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