NGO: Take away driving licences of drunk drivers

28 May 2020 / 17:04 H.

KLANG: Six non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Selangor have urged the government to impose drastic measures against drunk drivers, including revoking their driver’s license to curb accidents caused by the group.

The NGOs are the Kota Raja 4B Youth Movement, 99 Kebajikan Insan Selangor (Kesan), Kota Raja Parliament 4B Alumni, Klang Botanical City Community Rehabilitation Centre Organisation, National Integration Organisation and the Selangor Hindu and Social Welfare Association.

A representative of the NGO, Mohd Azhar Osman said the call was made following car crashes resulting from drunk driving which was not a new issue but no appropriate action had been taken causing the incident to continue.

“Although the government is currently conducting a study (on amendment to the Road Transport Act 1987), there must be urgent action taken to prevent accidents from drunk driving.

“We recommend that any driver whose breathing test (by the authorities) exceeds the allowable alcohol content or those who cause crashes after driving drunk, have their licences revoked as a warning to the public to be more responsible,“ he told a press conference, here today.

Another NGO spokesman, Datuk Nor Shabudin Monil, said the government should also take a more proactive approach to address the issue of drunken driving by limiting liquor sales outlets.

This is because, he said with such control, individuals who bought alcohol could also be monitored, and if they are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, strict action could be taken.

“It is time for the government to enact laws to restrict the sale of liquor only at certain premises. Take a leaf from developed countries that sell liquor on a limited basis.

“There are also countries that have passed a draft amendment to impose the death penalty on drunken drivers who cause fatal accidents. It is hoped that the government will look into the issue more carefully so that no more people become victims of drunk driving,” he said. - Bernama


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