No water rationing in Malacca during Aidilfitri

30 May 2019 / 18:37 H.

MALACCA: There will be no water rationing here in the immediate future, especially during the Aidilfitri celebrations, even though the water level in the dams are at a critical level.

Malacca Public Works, Transport and Public Facilities exco Datuk Mohd Sofi Abdul Wahab said the state government was prepared and had a back-up plan of various initiatives including cloud seeding.

He said on May 22, Syarikat Air Malacca Berhad (SAMB) had lowered the water pressure from 8pm to 5am to reduce water consumption by the public and this step will be taken from time to time.

“Although the water level at the dams is critical, but there is consumer supply and the state government is working to implement the best ways to resolve this problem including pumping water from Johor and Jasin (Malacca).

“We hope the people in the state will not panic over the water issue, especially during Hari Raya as we are confident there will be no rationing,“ he told reporters after a Hari Raya Aidilfitri contribution event by the Durian Tunggal State Assembly constituency here today.

Sofi who is also Durian Tunggal state assemblyman said cloud seeding has also been carried out yesterday and today, but the results depended on the weather.

“Even if this method is not 100% effective, it is helpful and there was rainfall in various places in Durian Tunggal yesterday, we will see if there are any changes in the water level in the dams.

He added that Istisqa prayers (to pray for rain) will be continued with the hope that the situation returns to normal and there is rainfall in the state.

On complaints about the high electricity bills recently, Sofi said the public should lodge complaints with Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) so that the matter would be investigated, action taken and a solution found that was satisfactory to all parties. — Bernama

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