JERTIH: A bulldozer driver stumbled upon two old bombs while clearing land near a community hall in Seberang Jertih here, this afternoon.

Besut district police chief Supt Abdul Rozak Muhammad said the 32-year-old man found the bombs while digging a hole in the area at 1.30 pm.

“Oval-shaped and silver-coloured objects resembling bombs were in the ground in the area cleared by the bulldozer driver.

“He (the bulldozer driver) did not want to take action himself and came to the Jertih police station to lodge a report,” he said here today.

According to him, a team of members from the Firearms Division of the Besut district police headquarters (IPD) rushed to the scene, and then followed up with the Bomb Disposal Unit (UPB) of the Terengganu police contingent headquarters (IPK).

Abdul Rozak said that the two old bombs were identified as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and they were already rusty.

“UPB has carried out in-situ destruction by using the high order technique successfully, without any property damage or injury,” he said.

Meanwhile, bulldozer driver, Nik Suhairi Azlan Latif, said that at first, he thought the objects were child’s toys.

“I was quite surprised when I found out that they were actually bombs and I immediately lodged a report at the police station. Fortunately, I did not try to break them with my machine,” he told Bernama when met at the scene. - Bernama