JOHOR BAHRU: The take-up rate for the second booster vaccine against Covid-19 in Johor is still low, at only 1.9 per cent.

State Health and Unity Committee chairman Ling Tian Soon said as such, the public is urged to get their booster shots, especially those with chronic illnesses or in the high-risk group.

“If possible, we want more people to come forward and increase the vaccination rate,” he told a press conference after launching the Akuagro Project of the Johor Rukun Tetangga (neighbourhood) here today.

Ling said the booster shots are available at government hospitals or health clinics, adding that the state government have used various mediums to encourage people to take the second booster dose.

He said, however, the state government did not set any target for the vaccination rate as the Covid-19 situation is still under control.

At the same time, he said some 56.7 per cent of the state population had received their first booster dose.

Meanwhile, Ling said the state government aims to establish 100 sites for the implementation of the Akuagro project within three years.

He said 34 Neighborhood Watch Areas in the state had implemented the programme, which involves vegetable gardening and fish farming in their communities.

“Twenty more projects will be implemented this year. Through this programme, at least we can help address the food security issue in the community,” said Ling, who also presented an allocation of RM230,000 for the expansion of 20 Akuagro projects this year. - Bernama