PETALING JAYA: PKR senator Mohd Imran Abd Hamid has retracted his proposal for a law to protect men from being seduced by women into committing sexual crimes.

However, he continued to be ridiculed by various quarters, including his own party that has distanced itself from the proposal.

“I did not expect that it would be a serious mistake that would offend women and men, who considered it as an insult, because my intentions were sincere,“ Mohd Imran said. “With this, I sincerely apologise and withdraw the proposal I made yesterday.”

Imran had suggested a Sexual Harassment Act to protect men from the actions, words and clothing of women who could seduce them and lead them into committing sexual crimes such as incest, rape and molest during a Dewan Negara debate on the Syarie Legal Profession (Federal Territories) Bill.

PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim called the proposal unreasonable and insulting towards women.

“The proposal also gives the impression that men are immoral and easily seduced to become involved in vile acts,“ Anwar said in a Facebook post.

Women, Family, and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh expressed her dismay over the suggestion, saying: “Babies and young children have been victims of a similar crime. They do not know how to seduce men, yet they become part of the statistics.”

Centre For A Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) vice-president Ng Yeen Seen said it is an insult to men, the Dewan Negara and all women.

“We cannot accept that the senator places the blame for rape, molestation, incest, porn and others on the victim,“ Ng said.

MCA Youth said Pakatan Harapan should improve on the quality control in terms of leaders it appoints. “It is merely a waste of public funds for the government to have to pay good money to have politicians making such remarks in Parliament only to retract them after a public furore,“ said its chairman, Nicole Wong Siaw Ting.

Meanwhile, the Sabah PKR Wanita wing chief Rahimah Majid urged the party leadership to consider replacing Imran.

She said this is to send a clear and firm message against Imran’s “derogatory” proposal.