Political analysts criticise MCA’s move to dissolve BN

06 Dec 2018 / 19:03 H.

POLITICAL analysts do not have good words for MCA over its motion to move for the dissolution of Barisan Nasional (BN), saying it only shows the party’s lack of initiative and political will.

Current affairs commentator Tang Ah Chai said the motion, which was passed at MCA’s annual general meeting on Dec 2, came across as weird.

He said MCA’s central committee should make it known whether the party can still work with Umno and MIC.

If there is still basis for cooperation, the party should move for a revamp of the coalition or name change, he said, adding that the motion to disband BN is redundant.

“If there is no basis for further cooperation, MCA should just quit the coalition, like what other former BN component parties had done,“ said Tang.

“(Now) What if Umno does not want to dissolve BN. What does MCA intends to do?

“MCA lacks political will. The party has been talking about whether it should remain in BN when the coalition was still in power but remains undecided until today when the coalition has become the Opposition. And now this baffling resolution (at its AGM).”

He said should Umno decide not to disband BN, MCA will find itself in a very awkward situation.

Tang told China Press it is a pity that MCA still wavers when it has nothing to lose now that it is left with only one parliamentary and two state seats, instead of showing the determination to bound back from the rock bottom.

He said to MCA, BN is the “chicken ribs” in the Chinese saying: something of little value that one is reluctant to give up.

Another political analyst, Datuk Cheah See Kian, believed MCA was dilly-dallying because it is unsure whether Umno would forge an alliance with PAS.

“MCA is worried that it has no one to work with and no more Malay support if it leaves BN,“ he said.

Cheah said MCA should think out of the box and reinvent itself to forge ahead with new strategies, with the conviction that it can stand tall among the Chinese again even if it is on its own.

He said MCA’s motion is impractical as the party has no right to call for the dissolution of BN.


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