PPTS cover of M Nasir’s Raya hit, aims to lift Aidilfitri spirits

24 May 2020 / 14:52 H.

PETALING JAYA: A group of local musicians have performed a well-known Aidilfitri tune to lift spirits of people stuck at home.

The musicians, who are members of Persatuan Pemuzik Tempatan Selangor (PPTS), made a beautiful cover of Malaysian legend M. Nasir’s Raya anthem, “Satu Hari di Hari Raya”.

The song is delivered by 11 musicians consisting of PPTS committee members and guest musicians.

“This 4 minute, 50 second video is a reminder of the importance of unity, family and friendship,“ PPTS secretary Lt-Col (Rtd) John Sham of the RMAF told theSun

“The core value of the song instils unto us a heart of giving, gratitude to God and to humanity.

‘...Irama itu adalah suara pujian pada yang Esa (A line in the song), is so true. Despite the current fears, we are still able to sing joyously to the Almighty in gratitude and express thankfulness for health, family, friends and the love we share with one another,” Sham said.

Meanwhile music director Kudin Ramly said the video sends home a warm-spirited message of the blessing of having a close-knit community and a caring support system.

“It is also in line with the government’s call not to balik kampung and to celebrate Hari Raya 2020 with joy and gratitude,” he said.

Vocalist Amizan Ariffin said the production of the video is aimed at proving that the spirit of togetherness still exist within musicians, and a way to show that they can be creative and productive even during a time of being isolated from others.

“All is not lost.

“ Traditionally, Hari Raya is a celebration for families to get together and the video hits home.

“Surely some family members will be missed but we have to adapt and learn that during difficult times like these, the family bond is stronger,“ he said.

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