KOTA BHARU: Seventy-year-old Zahari Abdullah retired from the army some 40 years ago, but that has not stopped him from showcasing his innovative and creative ideas to enliven the National Month celebration.

This year, he built a replica of a cannon using recycled materials and decorated it with Jalur Gemilang with the help of his wife, who is also a retired nurse, Tuan Yah Tuan Yeh, 63, and placed it at the padi field near their home.

“My wife and I have always been interested in making replicas of things. Last year, we made a replica of a wau bulan (traditional kite).

“So for a change, this year we decided to create a replica of a cannon using discarded materials and decorate it with the Jalur Gemilang,” he told Bernama when met at his home in Kampung Kubang Bongor Melor here recently.

Zahari, who served the army for 13 years, said among the material used to create the replica were tyres, bamboo, plywood and iron.

He also said that both of them will continue to generate creative ideas to celebrate National Month to help foster the spirit of love for the country among the people, especially the present generation.

“If not us, who else could we rely on? Even though these people never lived in the colonial era, the spirit of patriotism needs to be instilled among the younger generation,” he said, adding that he spent RM700 to purchase the Jalur Gemilang for the project.

Meanwhile, Tuan Yah suggested that the government and relevant agencies continue to organise activities to enliven the national day celebration.

“If possible, do it every month and don’t wait until the national month to organise competitions or activities,” she said. - Bernama