KUANTAN: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) are conducting a six-day joint exercise, Shakti Air Exercise 2022 (EX US22), since yesterday in Kuantan airspace and the surrounding area.

The RMAF, in a statement here today, said during the exercise, the RMAF and IAF aircraft will perform tactical flights by flying low in certain areas that had been gazetted for the purpose.

“The public is advised not to be alarmed and worried if they see RMAF and IAF aircraft flying low during the exercise period,“ it said.

It said the Field Training Exercise (FTX) and Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) between RMAF and IAF was conducted to strengthen professional relationship between the two air forces.

The exercise will also improve interoperability in conducting joint exercises at the tactical level, building and strengthening bilateral military relations, as well as sharing of skills and experience, it said. - Bernama