Sarawakians leaving the state to look for jobs, says SIPA

18 Feb 2019 / 14:19 H.

PETALING JAYA: The case of 40 Sarawakians among 47 Malaysians duped by a job scam in Cambodia shows that job prospects in the state are slim, especially for graduates and skilled technicians, the Sarawak Institute for Public Affairs (SIPA) said today.

Its director, Philip Wong, said many Sarawakians are leaving the state to work elsewhere.

“The main drivers of the state’s economy are oil and gas, timber and palm oil which require mostly labourers which explain the high number of foreign workers in these industries,” he said in a statement.

“Fortunately, the state’s fortune is now turning for the better; infrastructure development has been given top priority in the state’s budget expenditure which will open up the vast hinterlands of the state.

“With accessible roads, ports and airports from all corners of the state, investors will now consider setting up factories and businesses to take advantage of the incentives provided by the state and federal governments.”

Wong said tourism-related industries would enjoy a boost and with the state going full steam on the digital economy drive, there is now a paradigm shift for people here.

“The demand for skilled technical workers will jump and attract young entrepreneurs in such fields to look for prospects here too,” he said.

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