Stay calm after traffic accident, public told

14 Aug 2019 / 15:32 H.

PETALING JAYA: Road users need to be calm and sensible when dealing with traffic accidents, Selangor police CID chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat said yesterday.

He said traffic accidents are preventable but with the millions of vehicles on the roads, mishaps and misunderstanding with other road users would happen.

“An accident can be inconvenient,” Fadzil said.

“It gets in between our daily routine and errands.

“Are we going to resort to violence?

“Can the price of a car or the cost of repairs be compared to a human life?

“Vehicles can be repaired but when human life is lost, it cannot be replaced.

“So, we should learn to take a humane approach during accidents.

“Perhaps, a smile, an apology or simply keeping it calm can help diffuse a tensed situation.”

Fadzi said there are those who would play the racial card, and this could disrupt police investigations.

“In a multi-racial country, people of all races are road users and there is a high probability of the next person who is involved in an accident to be involved with one of another race,” he said.

“Are these sick instigators going to keep turning every case into a racial issue?

“Are those out there making racist remarks saying if both parties were of the same race, this would not have happened?

“We all know that there are road rage case involving the same races that have also turned ugly and violent in the past.

“Often cases of traffic accidents are straightforward when it comes to investigations.

“It can be resolved amicably if the affected parties had chosen to keep calm and turn to the authorities to solve the matter instead of taking matters into their own hands.”

He said police would not spare those who have been taking to the social media to post racist statements and are on their trail to bring them to book.

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