PETALING JAYA: DAP social media bureau chief Syahredzan Johan has questioned if the government is threatened by a TikTok video uploaded by a former senator on the issue of subsidies, which led to her statement being recorded yesterday.

According to Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail, about eight or nine police and MCMC officers came to her home yesterday afternoon.

Malaysiakini reported that the enforcement team escorted her in three vehicles to the Ipoh District police headquarters, where she had her statement during a grilling of more than three hours.

She claimed that her handphone was confiscated during her ordeal.

Syahredzan questioned whether the government was “uncomfortable” with Aisyah’s criticism.

“There is no reason why such action, which can be seen as disproportionate, needs to be taken against a person for merely making a TikTok video criticising the government.

“Is action taken against Aishah because the TikTok video has spread so widely to the point that some quarters are made uncomfortable?

“It raises the question of whether the government of the day now feels that a TikTok video could threaten their position to the point of compelling them to take such action? Is the government of the day afraid of a TikTok video?” Syahredzan reportedly said in a statement last night.

In the video posted on June 21, Aisyah declared that July 1 is a day of suffering for the people because the government will withdraw “all” subsidies on that day.

Bernama reported that Aisyah is being investigated under the MCMC Act 1998 over the video, but did not specify under which provision of the law this was carried out.