Tapai Tok Imam to satisfy your sweet tooth this Aidilfitri

10 May 2021 / 13:15 H.

MACHANG: Mohd Nadzri Mat Daud’s decision to start a small business selling tapai (fermented glutinous rice) to generate extra income for his family 27 years ago, turned out to be worthwhile as his Tapai Tok Imam has now become the family’s main source of income.

Mohd Nazri (pix), 62, who is also an imam of Mukim Laha Mosque in Pulai Chondong, recalled that he was inspired to start the business after he saw plenty of rubber trees in the forest area and he started thinking that rubber tree leaves could be used to generate money.

Speaking to Bernama, Mohd Nadzri said he then learned the process of making tapai under the guidance of his late grandmother.

“There are two types of glutinous rice tapai available, namely, white glutinous rice tapai (tapai pulut putih) and black glutinous rice tapai (tapai pulut hitam). The current price of these two types is different, namely, for one hundred packets of white glutinous rice tapai are sold at RM35 while black glutinous rice tapai at RM40.

“I guess what makes our tapai interesting is that we are still using rubber leaves as a wrap that can produce a special aroma,” said Mohd Nadzri who runs the business in Kampung Pulai Chondong.

Mohd Nadzri said the mixing technique he used would determine the special taste of Tapai Tok Imam as well as using special recipes which have been passed down for generations.

“If you put too much yeast and sugar, it will affect the tapai’s fermentation level. Once the tapai is ready, it can last for one to two months if kept in the refrigerator,” said the father of 12.

Ahead of the Aidilfitri celebrations, Mohd Nadzri said they started receiving orders since the beginning of Ramadan and some customers even placed orders two months in advance.

Assisted by his employees, Mohd Nadzri said that they have been working hard to complete orders of up to 10,000 packets a day.

After decades of remaining true to his authentic recipes, Mohd Nadzri can now smile as Tapai Tok Imam which started off as an idea to change his family’s life, has now expanded beyond his dreams as this sweet concoction was already famous in Pahang, Terengganu, Selangor, Perak and Kedah. -Bernama

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