theSun lauded for winning award

24 Feb 2021 / 12:21 H.

PETALING JAYA: Recognition in the Media Networks category of the prestigious Putra Brand Awards (PBA) 2020 is well-deserved for theSun, its readers said yesterday.

Avid reader Lim San Shien said the way theSun presents news to the people is laudable.

“The different perspectives and context provided allow us to read, think and analyse the subject matter from a wider perspective while upholding the media’s free and fair coverage.”

Lim believes this will undoubtedly produce more critical and world-class thinking citizens.

He said theSun’s presentation stands out as its content is insightful and accurate.

“The use of bright-coloured and vivid graphics also enables readers to better comprehend topics of interest.”

Another reader said the award is well-deserved as theSun’s method of news reporting is a breath of fresh air.

“Presenting news from a reader-told perspective instead of an objective one contributes to the news, resonating better with its readers and makes it more relatable,” said Sebastian Su.

This helped theSun stand out from many other Malaysian media firms that adopted a more direct reporting approach.

Su said the human-centric approach to stories that theSun optimises leads to an excellent job of humanising the news and putting a face to every story.

“These are faces and stories which are less-reported or not reported at all by other print and digital news platforms.”

theSun won the Bronze award in the Media Networks category. This is the 11th year of the PBA, also known as the “People’s Choice Awards”. It is a premier brand awards in Malaysia and is the only one for brand managers and owners.

Given the stereotype of news media appearing sensationalist or biased instead of factual, Su said theSun fills a journalistic void by telling stories which originate from the voices of the people. Besides readers, the people who are often contacted for their perspectives on stories also believe the award was well-deserved.

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) deputy executive director Yu Ren Chung said WAO is always thrilled to work with theSun.

“The editors and reporters are always quick in noting issues of interest and importance to Malaysians,” he added.

Yu also said theSun is one of the most proactive papers in identifying issues and reaching out to relevant voices.

Malaysian Trades Union Congress deputy president Mohd Effendy Abdul Ghani said theSun’s content led to the award.

He added that the approach of focusing on more human-centric stories is commendable as people often want to know more and hear the real issues on the ground.

“People often do not want to hear much about politics or news regarding a company but would rather have news about what is happening on the ground,” said Mohd Effendy.

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