Three siblings adjusting well to new life despite missing their dogs

23 Sep 2020 / 18:27 H.

KUANTAN: The three siblings, aged 12, 10 and nine, who were rescued from living with 13 dogs, a civet and piles of garbage last Monday, are now living a much better environment at the Rapha Children’s Home here.

The eldest sister of the three girls said they had received new clothes and were no longer hungry and were told to attend a school closer to the Children’s home as their previous school was too far away.

“We are given additional classes and able to play music instruments. My youngest sister and I are more inclined towards the piano while my middle sister is interested in the guitar,” she told reporters, here today.

Their uncle who came to visit also told them that their father who worked in Rompin, about 136 km away would come and visit them this weekend.

Although they are excited with the new changes, the siblings admit that they are sad to be separated from their 13 dogs, each with a name but had been given to new owners. Their other pets, a civet, spiders and fish are now under the care of their uncle.

“I hope the new owners will take care of the dogs well. I hope our uncle will not forget to feed the other pets too. The civet which I found under a tree was mine while the other pets belonged to my younger sisters,” she said.

While they understand that their father could not stay with them, they still could not wait for the weekend to see and spend time with him before he returns to Rompin.

It is understood that their mother has been working in Johor or Singapore for three years which put them under the care of their uncle who rented a premise for RM500 per month.

Although they had skipped school, the eldest girl said they hardly roamed about and only left the house to buy ingredients in front of their house to cook.

“We each have a duty. I will cook the dishes, my younger sister will wash the clothes while the youngest will cook rice and fry the fish. We would play and draw together while waiting for our uncle to come home,” she said.

Meanwhile, former Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, who visited the three siblings today, presented a personal contribution and agreed to fund the medical costs of the 10-year-old girl who has a swelling in the back due to a fall a few days ago. -Bernama

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