Transport Ministry says E-hailing ‘AH’ code registered automatically

09 Oct 2019 / 17:16 H.

PUTRAJAYA: E-hailing drivers need not rush to the Road Transport Department (RTD) offices to register for the ‘AH’ code for their vehicles because it is just a formality, according to Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

Furthermore, he said, the code was already automatically registered in the mySikap system.

The ‘AH’ code is used by the RTD to identify e-hailing vehicles because they are also private vehicles.

“It also helps the RTD identify these vehicles when it carries out enforcement activities,” he said. Enforcement operations against errant e-hailing drivers will start this Saturday.

Loke also pointed out that the code would not be reflected in the vehicle registration card, so the car owners would not have anything to worry about when selling their vehicles.

“The ‘AH’ code is merely for administrative purposes,” he added.

He acknowledged that there had been some miscommunication since the code was introduced. “I hope that with this clarification, e-hailing drivers will stop swamping the RTD offices to register for the code,” he said.

Loke said while it was not necessary for drivers to carry a copy of the e-hailing permit (EVP) it would make things easier for them if they were stopped by RTD officers to check if they had the ‘AH’ code.

On another matter, he said the RM80 stated in the medical check-up form was to inform drivers that that was the maximum amount clinics were allowed to charge.

However, he said, the amount would not appear in the new forms that could be downloaded from the RTD website.

“Many clinics were taking advantage and charging the maximum amount when their fee was only RM30 to RM40 previously,” Loke said.

He also pointed out that all the grouses brought up by e-hailing drivers had been dealt with, so there was no reason for them to picket in front of the ministry office.

“I am willing to meet with the drivers to discuss issues but not with the MCA politician who is just trying to be a hero,” he said.

He said he was also using his authority as a minister to ensure that 57 people with hearing problem got their PSV licences because they had been long-time drivers.

To date, more than 69,000 drivers have passed the PSV exam and been issued licences. Those who have yet to get their licences are advised to carry a printout of their exam results as a temporary measure.

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