KUCHING: A cluster involving a hostel at a Territorial Army camp is one of two new Covid-19 clusters detected in Sarawak today.

The Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) in a statement said the addition of the two clusters brings the total number of active clusters in the state to 85.

Called Kluster 511 Sentosa, it is a workplace cluster involving a hostel of the camp in Kota Sentosa, Kuching.

“A total of 112 individuals were screened in this cluster and 12 were found positive including the index case while 100 were negative,“ said JPBN.

Meanwhile, the other, named Kluster Kandis Pantu is a community cluster involving two longhouses in the Kandis, Lachau and Rapak Panyau areas in Pantu, Sri Aman.

“Nine people have been screened and six were found positive including the index case while three are still awaiting results,“ JPBN added.

Sarawak recorded 578 new Covid-19 cases today. — Bernama