PETALING JAYA: The rainy weather in the last couple of weeks has resulted in a slight increase in vegetable prices, farmers told The Malaysian Insight.

They said the prices of some vegetables have gone up by 10%, but believed the rise is temporary.

They also warned that prices could still rise if the wet season continues.

Cheng Nan Hong, deputy president of the Cameron Highlands Chinese Farmers Association, said the rain will have an impact on vegetables grown outdoors, such as spring onion, coriander and cabbage.

“When the harvest decreases but demand is high, prices will go up naturally,” he reportedly said.

Chay Ee Mong, secretary of the Cameron Highlands Vegetable Growers Association, said if rainfall continues to be high, it will have an impact on vegetable prices.

Wong Keng Fatt, president of the Kuala Lumpur Vegetable Wholesaler Association, said the current weather does not mark the beginning of the monsoon, which typically occurs from November to January.

“The rain is sporadic, so the supply hasn’t been drastically affected. Prices have increased only by 10%,” Wong said.