(Video) Female Food Panda rider assaulted by man

PETALING JAYA: A female Food Panda delivery rider was assaulted by a man following a misunderstanding at Bandar Puteri, Puchong on Monday.

Two videos of the case that went viral in social media today showed footage of a man kicking the woman several times.

The rider, who tries to avoid the man’s attack, falls on the road at one point but gets up quickly only to have her attacker continue lunging at her.

In a second video, another unidentified man took a video of the attacker alleging he had kicked the delivery rider and was trying to escape.

The footage which was taken at the compound of a gated restaurant also showed the man’s car.

Serdang police chief ACP Ismadi Borhan said yesterday a police report on the case was received and investigations are ongoing.

“We learnt that the incident was a result of a misunderstanding between both parties We have called up both of them and have recorded their statements. They did not suffer any injuries.We urge all quarters to be calm and not make comments which can disrupt peace and bring fear to the public,“ he said.

Ismadi did not elaborate further on what had triggered the commotion.

Netizens who viewed the footage expressed anger and disgust, calling for stern action to be taken against the attacker.