(Video) Rohingya rights group president denies demand for Malaysian citizenship

24 Apr 2020 / 10:16 H.

PETALING JAYA: The President of Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organisation Malaysia (Merhrom) Zafar Ahmad Abdul Ghani today denied allegations that he demanded similar rights to Malaysians and citizenship for the Rohingya community.

Along with a press statement, Zafar addressing the issue in a video.

Looking tired and somewhat defeated, he said he received threats and insults through his social media pages and Whatsapp.

The president also stated that he was very disappointed that these allegations are spreading during the Ramadan season.

“I hope now that I have denied these allegations, these misunderstandings can be put to rest immediately,” Zafar said.

A few days ago, allegations that Mehrom were demanding full Malaysian citizenship for Rohingyas took social media by storm and drew an array of xenophobic attacks by netizens against the Rohingya community.

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