Viral comment linked to foreign mission is fake news - Spokespersons

14 Jan 2021 / 20:15 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Embassy of Germany and the British High Commission in Malaysia had denied that personnel from their respective missions had commented on a current issue in Malaysia recently.

The embassy and the High Commission, in separate replies to Bernama, said no staff with names mentioned in the viral post are employed with the missions.

“The German Embassy would like to make sure that the government and the people of Malaysia are aware that this is false news.

“Neither the Economic Counsellor of the German Embassy Kuala Lumpur nor the German Embassy (of) Kuala Lumpur have issued such a statement. No person by that name is employed by the German Embassy,”

“Therefore, the German Embassy would like to encourage everyone that if a piece of information looks suspicious, to try to verify the information by turning to trustworthy sources or news outlets,” said the embassy’s spokesperson, Dr. David Krivanek.

Meanwhile, the British High Commission has also clarified that none of its staff member has anything to do with the comment which has since gone viral.

“We do not have an Ivan Skatch in the British High Commission, and have not issued the comment mentioned in the Facebook post.

“Posting such false information is irresponsible and we would ask social media users not to circulate such unverified and false comments,” said a spokesperson from the High Commission.

They were asked to comment on persons claiming to be the staff of both missions making remarks on the emergency declaration due to Covid-19 pandemic in this country. -Bernama

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