LABUAN: More than 18,000 user accounts or over 60,000 people in this duty-free-island are experiencing unscheduled water supply disruption again due to a drop in the level of the balancing tanks caused by the damage to the Pulau Enoe main pump.

Labuan Water Supply Division, in a statement, said the disruption in more than 20 villages and residential areas started at 7.30 pm Monday (June 5).

It said the damage resulted in the operation of the Pulau Enoe main distribution tank being suspended until the main pump is fully repaired.

Among the areas involved are Kiamsam, Kampung Bebuloh, Kampung Belukut, Kampung Sungai Buton, Kampung Sungai Bedaun and Taman Mahkota Impian on Jalan Bukit Timbalai and nearby areas.

Kampung Layangan, Kampung Sungai Labu, Kampung Kilan Kasim and Pulau Akar, Kampung Bukit Kuda, and areas in Kampung Bukit Kalam are also affected.

Other places affected are Kampung Durian Tunjong, several areas on Jalan Penghulu Tuah, Kampung Lajau, Kampung Ganggarak, Kampung Merinding, Kampung Pohon Batu, Pancur Hitam, Kampung Batu Manikar, Tanjung Kubong, Kampung Lubok Temiang and the surrounding areas in Pohon Batu.

BBAL said it would deploy water tankers in the affected areas.

“BBAL will monitor the level of the service and balancing tanks in the affected areas and will restore the water supply in stages after the main pump is repaired and operation of the Pulau Enoe main distribution water tank is functional,” the statement said. -Bernama