What money can’t buy

03 Dec 2019 / 15:46 H.

FROM doing odd jobs to meet his expenses while in university to becoming an entrepreneur, Ahmad Shamsul Baharin Mohd Hanafiah (pix), 54, has come a long way. Success to him means more than building his multi-million ringgit business empire. What matters to him is bringing up children the right way as his parents had done with him.

He had cleaned carpets, mowed lawns and operated a cafeteria, but he knew those were not meant to be his station in life.

And he has arrived where he has, all made possible because of his parents and family.

Ahmad Shamsul came into the spotlight after winning an award for being an exemplary father, accorded to him by Better Dads Malaysia, a non-profit organisation that aims inspire men to be better fathers.

He has now been a businessman, a property developer and investor for almost 30 years. But although he owns multi-million ringgit buildings in Kuala Lumpur, there is nothing he cherishes more than family.

“My parents moulded me to be who I am today and my father displayed good virtues to his children through his actions,“ said the fifth member of a family of nine from Kuala Kangsar.

“My childhood was filled with many community activities as my father was a primary school teacher and a very hardworking man.

“He used to take me along to most of his activities and he definitely showed leadership skills.

“When I started school, my father would give me 20 sen daily for my pocket money when others usually get RM1, but he would always give me packed food.

“I learnt to be prudent.”

Crediting his father for his business acumen, Ahmad Shamsul shared how he was taught basic financial management.

“It was a routine for me to record in my father’s notebook on all the family expenses based on the bills and receipts that he had collected.

“When I was in boarding school, he gave me a small ‘555’ note book.

“He would check it when I came back home.”

Parenting came easy for Ahmad Shamsul, having an exemplary father himself.

“What my father taught me back then was a major guidance for me to teach my daughter and sons the same way to be prudent and be respectful to the parents as that would reward with many fruitful successes in the future.

“I would not give them pocket money but I would give them healthy packed food to school and all of my children now know the importance to be prudent and humble.

“My riches is not measured on what I have in ringgit but my children are my everything.”

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