Workshop for managers to improve communication

13 Jun 2019 / 23:35 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: Conflicts and misunderstanding at work can lead to a lot of stress for managers. Now there is a way to address such difficulties in the office.

Jacqueline Ann Surin, a coach for leadership development and specialist facilitator, will host a workshop next month to teach managers how to handle such issues through more efficient communication.

Surin, a communications expert with more than 25 years experience, said her #DramaFree Tools for Managers will teach top executives how to look for solutions so they can avoid unnecessary conflicts and drama at work.

She pointed out that tension, misunderstanding and stress are common problems that can happen in any workplace. If nothing is done, it becomes a vicious cycle.

“When managers are less aware or curious about what is happening for their staff, it leads to misunderstanding and stress,“ she said.

Surin will introduce the Clean Language and Systemic Modelling technology at the workshop to “reveal the hidden architecture behind behaviours and beliefs”.

“Basically, Clean Language means asking questions without assuming what the answer will be,“ she explained.

“This enables you to get accurate, high-quality information rather than interpretations that may result in miscommunication and misunderstanding,“ she said.

In the “systemic” aspect of the technology, one must see himself as a whole system with many different parts interacting with each other and in relation to others.

The workshop will be held at the TPC Kuala Lumpur, from 8am to 5pm on July 20. Tickets are priced at RM650 each. A 10% discount will be given for every subsequent ticket purchased.

Clean language specialists Caitlin Walker and Marian Way from the United Kingdom will be co-facilitators at the workshop.

For more information please contact 012-677 4460 (whatsapp only) or email at

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