A heart for art

04 Jul 2019 / 16:17 H.

THE RHB Banking Group’s (RHB) third edition of Art with Heart (AWH) 2019 exhibition, to the theme “Diversity and Inclusivity”, ran from June 24 to 30 and featured more than 100 artworks by 27 young and emerging artists. The exhibition is part of RHB’s corporate social responsibility initiative, aimed at providing Malaysian artists with a platform to showcase their work.

Curated by Sarah NH Vogele, AWH 2019 featured works across artistic forms and mediums, depicting exceptional talent manifested through acrylic, image transfers, impasto and stitching.

There to grace the event was Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Muhammad Bakthiar Wan Chik , who officiated at the preview night at the Bangsar Shopping Centre. In his speech, Muhammad Bakthiar shared that Malaysian art has the potential to draw tourists. He also said the ministry is keen on supporting the development of young talent in the arts scene.

“The efforts of RHB’s AWH exhibition is indeed commendable in giving local artists a valuable platform to showcase and expand their artistic work, which I am confident will help elevate the Malaysian art scene and take it to the next level,” the deputy minister said.

Also present was RHB managing director, Datuk Khairussaleh Ramli. “We believe that the arts and culture will enrich and create meaning in people’s lives. It has the capacity to unify communities, activate spaces, promote sustainable development, tourism and economic activity. The appreciation of art and culture is at the centre of any society and community,” he said.

Local artist Tay Yu Lee, aged 23, from Sabah, managed to sell her artwork titled “Rungus Longhouse” for RM2,100 even before the start of the exhibition.

“I hope my art will draw interest about the uniqueness of the traditional longhouse and Sabah’s heritage houses,” said Tay, who is pursuing her third year in Art Technology at University Malaysia Sabah.

Tay with her artwork titled “Rungus Longhouse”.

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