theSun launches its new lifestyle pullout, LYFE

DURING these times of uncertainty, keeping up with the news on a daily basis can seem like a daunting task. From reports of increased anxiety to depression, regular news consumption on the Covid-19 crisis can be detrimental to our mental, emotional and physical health.

Half of young adults in Malaysia have reported an increase in anxiety and depression. This can be attributed to their constant exposure on social media to news concerning the pandemic. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to share inspiring, interesting and engaging stories despite the current circumstances.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our new pullout, LYFE.

Officially launched on Feb 2, LYFE aims to share stories that will uplift and inspire youths today. From lifestyle and entertainment to fashion updates, young readers can look forward to fresh and entertaining content.

In conjunction with the release, we spoke to five young adults to get their thoughts on the pullout.

$!Amery Ho.

Amery, 24, marketing associate

“I was ecstatic to stumble across such an entertaining and engaging section. I found many written pieces that were very intriguing, as well as relatable to my interests – from what’s trending these days, to sentimental and inspiring stories relating to art. There’s so many captivating stories to be read and to look forward to. I’m very excited for the many more interesting daily reads to come.”

$!Samuel Tan.

Samuel Tan, 23, cabin crew

“As a big fan of the arts and entertainment industry, this section is a breath of fresh air. I was thoroughly entertained by the content, as it acts as an escape from the oftentimes harsh reality of daily news. Also, an entire section for aspiring and inspiring artists is also great as it provides them yet another platform to expand their audience. With that being said, I’m truly excited for more entertaining content in future issues.”

$!Alia Saiful.

Alia Saiful, 29, social media executive

“Being a social media person, having to keep up with the latest trends and updates is a constant demand. Reading theSun on a daily basis has been my go-to since my youth. It’s where I get to feed my personal interest with celebrity biographies all the way to fashion and tech, but also, for everyday work.”


Constance Tan, 28, HR adviser

“Being an arts person, I genuinely love this particular section as it covers articles from fashion, youth and entertainment. I can spend hours reading it without getting bored as this pullout really keeps me occupied with so many inspirational and interesting stories. LYFE will definitely be my everyday stop before I end my hectic day.”

$!Annemarie Rayan.

Annemarie Rayan, 25, copywriter

“As someone who enjoys all things culture, I love this lifestyle section of theSun. It gives me a comprehensive update on what’s trending locally and abroad in a concise and engaging manner. Covering movies, celebrities and even tech, it’s become my go-to read to stay in the know and pick up interesting topics for everyday conversations.”

We are always motivated to reach out to the youths of today. Through this pullout, we hope it will not only continue cultivating the habit of reading, but also motivate them in pursuing their dreams and ambitions.