Anything is possible

23 Feb 2021 / 11:26 H.

LIFE is unpredictable but, with grit and determination, anything is possible. Jackie Ng came to learn this firsthand during her 23-year journey with meningioma. And now, she is sharing her story with the world to create awareness and inspire those who are going through serious health challenges.

Rising (published by Partridge Singapore) is an uplifting story told by a brain tumour survivor. The narrative begins with the shock of being diagnosed with brain tumour, followed by stories of surgeries, complications, disability onset and how she found a way out of depression and despair. The author takes readers through her recovery journey to health amid living with paralysis. She details
how she worked hard to regain her body strength and participated in activities such as swimming and diving.

“If I could rise from something as scary as brain tumour, I think everybody has the ability to rise from whatever their circumstances might be, however difficult it might seem,” Ng writes. “Humans possess survival instinct.”

Those diagnosed with a fatal disease, facing tough times, and looking for a reason for their existence, some positivity or motivation so they can continue with whatever they are trying to achieve will find Rising a compelling and insightful read.

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