Bright and brilliant - GEMS charity carnival

16 Jul 2019 / 12:20 H.

SINCE 2016, the GEMS Parents Support Group has worked closely with GEMS International School of Pearl City, Penang to raise funds for various charities. Led by Dr Sitarama Rao for 2019, the new GEMS PSG committee continued the tradition.

Organising a charity event not only to raise funds for charity, the event served to give the students of the international school an invaluable opportunity to learn the meaning of charity and being charitable.

Having consulted GEM’s school’s head boy and girl, as well as representatives from its primary student council, GEMS PSG went with supporting the BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs, the Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) and SPCA Penang,

Part of the proceeds raised from this year’s charity event also went to BOLD. The decision was warmly welcomed by BOLD principal Stephen Phillips. A portion of the funds raised will also be set aside and donated to the WCC.

In organising the charity carnival this year, GEMS PSG hopes that the school’s students will learn the importance of giving and sharing. The school also believes that from the efforts of GEMS Parents Support Group, the students will learn to solve problems through teamwork and collaboration, and grow to be future leaders who are responsible and compassionate members of the community.

The charity carnival saw a good mix of stalls set up to offer food, games and other activities. Of the 58 stalls, 35 were run by students; the younger ones under the supervision of their teachers. Fifteen stalls were set up by parents. There was also a lucky draw which saw the first-prize winner walking away with an Acer Chromebook, sponsored by Tambun Indah Group.

“The way they expressed their opinion [about charities to be supported] assured me that I made the right decision in putting my children in this school,” said Dr Rao, who was also proud of the organising committee responsible for the successful Charity Carnival.

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