Comfort and content redefined

22 Nov 2018 / 16:02 H.

Ogawa World Berhad offers a state-of-the-art massage experience that’s quite unlike any other. Combining the best of holistic therapy, Ogawa unveiled two massage chair models, designed with technology you can see and innovation you can feel, to provide the ultimate head-to-toe relaxation.

Powered by a high-performance M.5 Gen and equipped with a 4D thermal roller designed with eight sets of sensors operative via a handheld “Health Tracker” device - the innovation identifies fatigue and acupressure points in the upper and lower body and feeds the info which analyses the data via AI-Powered Automated Analytics, which then initiates a list of recommended massage programmes to improve one’s wellbeing.

The Master Drive Plus AI has 23 pre-programmed massage sessions, with up to 500 personalised massage combinations created to meet individual body conditions, alleviate stress symptoms, besides improve blood circulation, loosen tense muscles, or simply provide a good and relaxing massage. While enjoying the experience and comfort, the AI virtual assistant can also deliver real time information on weather forecasts of traffic conditions, via voice command.

The Master Drive Plus on the other hand is aesthetically pleasing with its sleek, streamlined silhouette, coupled with refined finishing and crafted to complement any living space while enhancing one’s sensory experience. Built to provide ambient music via premium Harman Kardon speakers for an extraordinary sound experience, along with mood-setting light therapy and the M-Drive Navigator - all controlled via a 7-inch touchscreen OS 2.0 display.

With both these new massage chairs - feeling is believing, to which Ogawa World Berhad executive director Lim Mee Ling says: “We aim to create products that add value to the everyday lives of our customers. By doing so, the needs of customers have been a focal point of our research and development process. Hence, the Master Drive Plus AI is the first-of-its-kind, bringing a whole new level of healing comfort that provides true satisfaction for every individual”.

There are three colours to choose from with each model. The Master Drive Plus is retailed at RM21,999 while the master Drive Plus AI is RM28,999. Both a available at all Ogawa stores nationwide. Log on to the Ogawa website or its official Facebook page or Instagram for more information.

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