Enjoy Starbucks cold craft spring beverages

28 Feb 2019 / 13:18 H.

EMBRACING the changing seasons, Starbucks is sharing the spirit of innovation with new, bold flavours and a renewed focus on cold craft.

Leaning into creativity, Starbucks is introducing a citrus-forward coffee experience with the Triple Citrus Cold Brew for coffee enthusiasts who love a tangy hint to their coffee. Starbucks is also bringing back the delicious yet subtle notes of Cascara to its coffee with the introduction of the new Cascara Macchiato.

Using every element of the coffee cherry, from bean to husk, the new Cascara Macchiato is topped with Cascara drizzle, bringing subtle notes of dark brown sugar and luscious maple into the classic espresso beverage. The Cascara Macchiato is available hot, iced and as a frappuccino blended beverage.

With the Triple Citrus Cold Brew- Starbucks is adding a splash of juicy citrus to its Cold Brew lineup. This innovative beverage pairs classic Cold Brew with the tartness of citrus flavours (lemonade, lime and grapefruit), slow poured to create beautiful layers and artfully topped with a slice of dried lime, setting it up to be the most Instagrammable beverage of the season.

Starbucks Malaysia celebrates the cherry blossom season with a fresh spring merchandise collection featuring drinkware and collectables in varied shades of pink, purple and gold hues. The collection, which depicts two kinds of cherry blossoms, the oriental cherry blossom and the donarium cherry blossom, takes inspiration from traditional hand drawings and oil paintings of cherry blossoms to recreate the magical scene of Spring.

Also available is the Starbucks Spring Seasonal Starbucks card which is decorated with bright colours and spring elements. Also, travel back to your childhood Easter holiday nostalgia with the adorable Starbucks Easter Diecut Starbucks Card. Each of the bunny-shaped Diecut Starbucks card varies in both background colour and design.

Additionally, Starbucks Malaysia is also introducing the new Starbucks El Salvador Ahuachapan, which celebrates the heritage of Ahuachapan coffee farmers. Coffee farmers in Ahuachapan take pride in their craft using thermal springs of Aqua Caliente to process the beans. The medium roast whole bean coffee is bursting with sweet citrus notes with hints of milk chocolate.

Not to forget, welcome the return of the Starbucks Spring Season Blend, a coffee to celebrate a time of year marked by new beginnings and renewal with loved ones. The blend delivers a big syrupy body with striking flavours of dark cherry and cedary spice notes. The Starbucks Spring Season Blend combines four distinct coffees from around the world, incorporating the qualities from each coffee growing region for which it is famous.

Try the new Cascara Macchiato and Triple Citrus Cold Brew beverages which are priced at RM16.50 onwards. Furthermore, the Spring Collection will be priced starting at RM45 onwards and all the Starbucks cards have a minimum activation of RM30. The Starbucks El Salvador Ahuachapan Coffee Beans and the Spring Whole Bean Coffee are priced at RM45 and RM40 respectively. The Spring promotional beverages, merchandise and whole bean offerings will be available in all stores nationwide from Feb 26 onwards while stocks last.

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