Helping the urban poor

Mamee gives back to Malaysians with two million Care Packs for Merdeka

09 Sep 2020 / 13:45 H.

    MAMEE-DOUBLE DECKER SDN BHD has received overwhelming response from the public after the invitation was sent out to nominate beneficiaries of its two million units of Mamee Care Packs.

    The distribution of two million Care Packs is part of the Sama-Sama Mamee campaign which will last till Dec 31. This campaign is an initiative by the Monstars (Mamee’s employees) to help those who are struggling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Mamee Care Packs consist of the brand’s signature Mamee Noodles and Mamee Monster Thin Thin bisnacks.

    The Monstars have recently distributed the Mamee Care Packs to urban poor families living in the Desa Sri Rejang area. This distribution is done in partnership with Kechara Food Bank.

    On top of two million Mamee Care Packs being channelled out to the needy, Mamee-Double Decker Sdn Bhd is offering Value Pack Promotion of noodles at 5 Free 1 and the Mamee Monster Thin Thin Bisnacks 4 Free 1 as a part of efforts to provide value to the rakyat during the recovery phase.

    In conjunction with this initiative and in celebration of our national day, Hanie Soraya, a renowned local singer-songwriter joined the movement to unite fellow Malaysians by participating in a singalong video. She invites the rakyat to “Jom Bantu Malaysia”, by dedicating a song to our nation through sharing their voices. Videos will be compiled via the tagging of @MameeNoodlesMy, @IamMameeMonster, and the hashtag #SamaSamaMamee.

    Mamee’s invitation to nominate the beneficiaries for the two million units of Mamee Care Packs is still open to the public until Dec 31.

    Those who are keen to nominate may submit their nomination via social media by tagging @MameeNoodlesMY and @IamMameeMonster.

    The Sama-Sama Mamee campaign is inspired by the spirit of togetherness of Malaysians. Mamee-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd hopes to continue inspiring Malaysians to come together and embrace the spirit of giving for the greater good of the rakyat.

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