Daikin’s two new streamer air purifiers are a necessity in current times

Ever since the pandemic struck, people have been spending more time indoors. They are beginning to be more mindful as well as aware of their surrounding environment, with questions like: “Is the air we breathe in actually clean and healthy?” weighing heavily on the mind.

In conjunction with the company’s “Daikin Pure Air” campaign –highlighting the importance of cleaner and healthier air – Daikin Malaysia today officially announced the launch of two new Daikin streamer air purifiers: MC 40 and MC 55, further adding on to their existing lineup of air purifiers.

The launch was virtually held via Daikin’s Facebook page as a live event to the public. The launch also featured current Daikin brand ambassadors and national mixed doubles badminton players, Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying who explained the product features and benefits.

Through this campaign, Daikin is seeking to create an awareness on the importance of indoor air and to focus its efforts towards promoting the company’s exclusive Double Method air purification process.

“The process involves how Daikin’s Streamer air purifiers doubles the effectiveness of deactivating viruses and bacteria through both their Streamer and Active Plasma Ions technology,” said Goh.

Daikin’s Double Method process effectively achieves superior cleaning through both the inside and outside purification methods.

The Streamer technology is a unique air purification technology developed by Daikin, that effectively generates ‘high-speed electrons’ to decompose 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

“For filtration, Daikin’s new Streamer air purifiers includes not just any normal HEPA filter, but an electrostatic one that traps harmful substances more efficiently with a longer lifespan,” explained Chan.

Additionally, the new air purifiers have three powerful directional suctions located at the bottom sides and front of the air purifier.

This allows larger amounts of air to be taken in from a wider area that leads to more efficient air purification.

“Over the years, we at Daikin Malaysia have greatly increased our efforts to ensure that our customers not only enjoy the cooling comfort of our air conditioners but also the air they breathe remains clean and safe for their loved ones,” said Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service General Manager Lawrence Song.

“With continuous developments and improvements by our R&D team, we are proud to introduce to you the new series of Daikin air purifiers that aligns with our current focus of ‘Daikin Pure Air’ during this pandemic.”

Daikin’s new air purifiers are currently available at Daikin authorised dealers.

For more information, visit the Daikin website or Facebook page.

$!Goh (left) and Chan reveal the new MC 40 and MC 50, along with vital information on how the air purifiers function.