Kumon introduces promotional campaign

10 Oct 2019 / 13:28 H.

KUMON Malaysia is offering a year-end special promotion to provide an opportunity for more youngsters to enrol in the programme.

For the campaign which is designed to introduce children to the benefits of the Kumon method, parents can pay a one month fee for a one and a half months course duration. Those who enrol before Nov 7 will also receive a free Kumon bag.

Kumon Math and English programmes are designed to advance a child’s comprehension and appreciation for learning, by teaching them to develop skills that will help retain their knowledge.

Based on the Kumon method, one way of developing a skill is to make it a stored routine in a child’s system. To make this happen, the most important first step is to bring the skill to a conscious level where the student is deliberately thinking about the activity. This can be termed as learning by repetition.

As a skill is practiced or rehearsed over days and weeks, the activity becomes easier while naturally forcing the skill to a subconscious level where it becomes permanently stored for recall and habitual use at any time.

Practicing skills over time causes neural pathways in the brain to work better in unison. To improve performance, students need to practice frequently and receive lots of positive feedback so they can practice correctly and enhance their knowledge.

Visit or call 1800-88-1010. for further details.

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