Laser tag battle at MSU

07 Dec 2018 / 16:41 H.

A LASER tag battle was organised by Public Relations students from the School of Education and Social Sciences at the Management and Science University (MSU) on Dec 4.

Called “Megatronix”, the event was the first of its kind on campus grounds.

Instead of organising sporting activities, the students decided that they wanted something that was a combination of both sports and entertainment.

MSU’s Academic Vice President Prof Datin Dr Norhisham Mohamad said the students have always been encouraged to make a difference and be creative.

“This event is carried out to meet the requirement of MSU to produce graduates who not only excel academically, but who are also active in co-curriculum activities,” she said.

The event was organised in collaboration with Laser Battle Kuala Lumpur with the participation of both students and faculty members.

Participants were charged RM15 for five minutes worth of game time in the arena and the games were “free-for-all”, where there were no teams with the players representing themselves.

The students also created an Instagram account where they posted videos challenging students to head to the event.

Popular local actor Aedy Ashraf also made an appearance at the event.

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