Magnum brings joy to two Jackpot winners

30 Jun 2020 / 14:49 H.

MAGNUM’S Jackpot 1st Prize of RM3,998,042 was won on Sunday, June 28 by a middle-aged businessman from Kuala Lumpur. The lucky numbers that brought him this huge fortune were 1051 (1st prize) and 2188 (3rd prize). He placed RM30 on System Bet 6 and the number combination was inspired by his family’s car plate numbers.

The winner was overjoyed and thrilled by this windfall when he and his wife found out they had won the Jackpot 1st Prize on the Magnum4D app. “My wife and I couldn’t believe it, and we scanned our tickets multiple times just to make sure we really won. Her reaction was one of complete shock. Life comes with unexpected surprises from every corner, you will never know what’s going to happen next and you may be the next winner,” he commented.

When asked what he is going to do with the winnings, the winner said: “Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought of winning this kind of money and especially during these challenging times. It is definitely a relief that I have a sum of money to sustain my current business and be able to take care of my employees as well as to plan for my children’s further studies.”

Magnum also had a Jackpot 1st Prize winner on the very first draw they opened for business on Wednesday, June 17. The first lucky winner was a car accessories workshop owner who spent only RM2 on a Lucky Pick Ticket that brought him RM 2,327,972 in winnings. The combination was 1983 (1st prize) and 9438 (2nd prize). “I usually buy almost every draw before the restrictions took place, but this time around when Magnum opened, I decided to change and tried my luck on a Lucky Pick Ticket,” he commented.

“The God of Fortune must have heard my prayers as this was the first draw after Magnum outlet resumed business. I did not know that I won Jackpot 1 until I went to the nearest outlet to collect the money. This is indeed perfect timing as I could settle my house loan to ease my financial burden. I have always believed and hoped that luck will strike one day and it did!,” the lucky man said with a big smile on his face.

A Magnum representative said: “What a happy surprise to have two Jackpot winners consecutively, in the one and a half weeks after we resumed our business! With this amount of money, it would definitely bring a huge change and bring hope for our winners to live life their way especially during these difficult times.”

“We are truly happy for all our winners who have won with us. Whether the winnings are big or small, we know that these winnings will help to ease their burdens. Furthermore, we would like to add that we have implemented all necessary SOPs for the safety of our customers. Contact Tracing, Body Temperature Checking, and Hand Sanitisers for hygiene as well as Social Distancing Practices have been implemented. Our customers are also encouraged to purchase advance draws (up to six draws), write their own lucky numbers before entering our outlets and also to purchase during off peak hour to reduce the chances of infection.”

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