Magnum Jackpot 1 winner cites refreshed outlet as good luck symbol

14 Oct 2019 / 16:08 H.

A businessman won the Magnum 4D Jackpot 1 amounting to RM12,946,298 on Oct 6 while a sales executive emerged as the Magnum Life Grand Prize winner on Oct 9, and will receive RM1,000 everyday for the next 20 years.

The winning number 9788 + 4696, which the businessman purchased at the newly renovated Subang Jaya outlet are his favourite lucky numbers.

The lucky winner came to Magnum to claim his winnings, citing the outlet he bought the numbers at to be a lucky one as it was newly renovated with a fresh new look.

Magnum has been upgrading all its outlets across Malaysia, to cater for the new generation of players who demand the best environment to play.

An avid Jackpot player, the winner said he never fails to play the Jackpot game when there is a draw. This time around, his dream of hitting the big Jackpot 1 came true, all RM12 million of it.

The winner said he will be sharing his winnings with his family members and invest the remaining for rainy days ahead. “I’m really pleased with this windfall, and it will definitely change the lives of my loved ones for the better,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Magnum Life winning numbers “11 18 20 23 29 32 34 36” which he purchased randomly proved lucky for the sales executive who hails from Pahang.

The lucky winner who came to Magnum to claim his winnings, said that he has placed RM10 lucky pick bets every draw since the game was launched last year. “To be able to see my bank account increase by RM1,000 every day for the next 20 years is a dream come true!”

He also said with the unique way Magnum Life winnings are being paid out, he is able to plan his spending more wisely.

A Magnum representative said, “We are really happy for the winner, and the fact that we just recently celebrated the 10th year anniversary of the launch of the Magnum Jackpot game and the winner being the 100th full Jackpot 1 winner, makes it all the more memorable for us.

“The fact that our efforts to upgrade our outlets to a fresh, new and improved look has been taken note of is a big deal for us. We are always striving to serve our customers in the best ways possible and to improve their buying and winning experience with us.”

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