Namewee creates Chinese New Year track

17 Jan 2020 / 15:21 H.

IN THE spirit of ushering in the festive season, renowned Malaysian singer-songwriter - Wee Meng Chee, or widely known by his stage name Namewee has created a Chinese New Year track, Year of the Rat in collaboration with Tiger Beer.

Inspired by the animal from the Chinese zodiac, the hip-hop artiste has been producing festive songs each year in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

He shared in the making of his music video: “This is a song tailored for the year 2020, the Year of the Rat. Its lyrics mainly talk about the awkward and senseless questions asked by our relatives when we visit them during Chinese New Year, and I feel that everyone is able to relate to this experience, hence, I made it into a song.

“I use the lyrics to convey the meaning that we’re trying to avoid these questions, just like how a rat will run away when in confrontation. Although the sound of the song isn’t very traditional but I’ve incorporated some elements of Chinese instruments in it.”

He also shared his appreciation to thank his long-time partnership with Tiger Beer: “In fact, Tiger Beer has sponsored me prior to this song, in my debut movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 n 2011.

“I am extremely grateful for them to sponsor me when no one else dares to. This time around, I’m once again delighted and so honoured to be collaborating with Tiger Beer as we present Year of the Rat o celebrate this festive season.”

The 36-year-old artiste from Muar, Johor is said to have shut down a certain highway for 12 hours in order to shoot the music video on a Monday.

Year of the Rat was premiered on January 4, 2020 and to date, it has garnered over 682,000 views on YouTube.

For more info, visit, or check out the music video promo here.

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