SHANXI Oriental Material Handling Co. Ltd. (OMH) will be officially setting up its regional headquarters in Malaysia with an investment of RM40 million as part of its expansion plan in Southeast Asia.

Riding on Malaysia’s “Industry 4.0” initiative, OMH aims to make Malaysia one of its key manufacturing bases in the region by focussing on digital transformation and industrial technology.

As a start, OMH will be proving the solution to F&N to fully automate its regional logistics distribution centre where the real-time system will help the company enhance their distribution channels to be more efficient and seamless with its internal value chain.

This will be the first fully automated intelligence logistics distribution centre in Malaysia and the company aims to implement the same process for other manufacturing companies in future.

Their collaborations are mainly due to the fact that OMH has the technology in supply chain automation and experience in logistic information system integration.

With its professional consultation, planning and services, OMH aims to improve the manufacturing industry in Malaysia with its intelligence logistics system and cutting-edge technology.

Choosing Malaysia as their regional headquarters in Southeast Asia, OMH is committed to improving the current status of intelligence logistics equipment for the manufacturing and ecommerce industry by implementing solutions that reduce costs and increases efficiency; helping all their customers to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness.

To align with the ambition of Industry 4.0, OMH aims to reduce manpower usage by gradually replacing them with machines to avoid delay in the manufacturing process and eliminate human errors by unskilled foreign workers.