Paws-perous festivities on AirAsia soil

14 Jan 2020 / 12:01 H.

Back in early 2017, after AirAsia moved in to their new corporate base RedQ, four dogs were already present on-site. Named after some of the airlines in AirAsia and AirAsia X Groups, AK, FD, QZ and D7 eventually became rescue dogs as part of the AirAsia family.

On Jan 11, all four were given a unique treat; AirAsia’s very first a ‘lou sang’ of the furry kind. In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, the ‘yee sang’ contained a delicious assortment of chicken, spinach, carrots, salami, strawberries and also kibbles.

AirAsia’s senior management that were present during the occasion were AirAsia Malaysia CEO Riad Asmat and AirAsia X Malaysia CEO Benyamin Ismail joined in the fun to celebrate this occasion as well.

“We love our four resident dogs very much as they are part of our family. Today the committee organised the first DogQ open house, inviting Allstars to come to DogQ and get to know them a little better. This is also a drive to boost awareness and raise funds for the wellbeing of the dogs,” said Asmat.

Ismail added that it was a good session for the Allstars and that he hoped more will come forward to help by becoming a volunteer with the dogs, such as by walking the dogs as well as helping to clean DogQ.

The special ‘lou sang’ was also part of an AirAsia’s internal staff engagement activity to recruit more volunteers and raise funds for the upkeep of DogQ.

“For the past year, we’ve had a strong team of DogQ volunteers who will walk and feed the dogs everyday, including weekends as well as maintain the operation of DogQ. We’ve seen Allstars who otherwise would not know each other, due to the size of the office and company now, grow so much closer and become good friends through working together to take care of AK, QZ, FD and D7,” said DogQ co-founder Vijaya Priya Ananthan.

AirAsia is an organisation that promotes inclusivity and diversity, including providing a working environment that is conducive for everyone across all walks of life, even for animal and pet lovers.

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