Prevention first and foremost

13 Jan 2020 / 17:25 H.

Focus Point Vision Care Group Sdn Bhd (Focus Point) launched i-Focus, a new concept store in Mid Valley Megamall on Jan 9. The store will use Essilor’s latest state-of-art technology with dedicated Eye Care Professional (ECP) advice.

Providing comprehensive eye examinations, the store allows screenings for eye-related diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma, as well as hypertensive retinopathy and diabetic retinopathy that affects vision quality.

Comprehensive eye examinations have become important as a research by the American Academy of Ophthalmology has identified more than two billion people globally as myopic, and it is projected to increase to five billion by 2050. With the number reaching more than half of the total global population, concerns have been and continue to be raised that myopia is affecting children and young adults.

Contributing factors include the modern lifestyle of current times; prolonged use of digital devices like smartphones, tablets and computers that can cause digital eyestrain. A new study shows the time spent with digital media by US adults above the age of 18 shows that they average at 12 hours per day. Consumers are digitally connected across different digital platforms and devices throughout the day. This may cause early onset of myopia in children, or presbyopia in adults.

In Malaysia, Focus Point aims to turn i-Focus into a focal point at identifying vision impairment so that early preventive measures can be taken.

“i-Focus, the first ever optical centre in Malaysia that you can be sure you’re getting the most comprehensive eye examination at no cost. We invite people to adopt easy steps to check and correct vision early and throughout life, and to adopt good habits in better managing their own eye health.” said Focus Point Holdings Berhad President and CEO Datuk Liaw Choon Liang.

The comprehensive eye examination solutions at i-Focus will be able to provide key indicators of eye health as well, due to the focused nature of their instruments such as the Essilor’s Vision-RTM 800 phoropter, that makes subjective refraction more precise, easier and comfortable with the procedure shorter and less tiring compared to existing practices.

Complimentary comprehensive eye examination are encouraged to be taken by the public at i-Focus to better understand their eye health. The new concept store offers unique comprehensive eye-checks to correct, protect and enhance optimum vision clarity. The public can also make a statement with practical and stylish eyewear from premium brands such as Aston Martin, Gotti and Strack Eyes, making i-Focus a one-stop destination for vision needs.

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