Quality water for quality life

12 Jul 2019 / 14:39 H.

KOREAN brand SK magic, through its local ‘arm’ SK magic Malaysia, recently launched a water purifier unlike any other - the JIK.SOO RICH.

The JIK.SOO RICH water purifier has seven different water temperature settings to deliver purified water for all sorts of needs. It also churns out crystal clear JIK.SOO ice cubes! But wait, that’s not all that’s incredible about this water purifier ...

“The JIK.SOO RICH water purifier leverages on the proven JIK.SOO technology to ensure the flow of water is always clean, pure and full of minerals. The innovative Nanotechnology filtration system completely filters out all viruses, microorganisms and heavy metals while allowing essential minerals to pass through. With its fully stainless-steel water passages, this ice water purifier offers protection against microbial growth,” informs SK magic Malaysia managing director, Namsu Park.

It was revealed that the filtration system scored big in the MyTEST water-testing method and dialysis water analysis review. The water purifier offers double UV care; water taps undergo automatic UV sterilisation every two hours for 10 minutes; the ice storage is sterilised twie a day for three hours; and a total of nine major spare parts of the water purifier are replaced every 12 months. While this is almost like having a new product every year, it is also like nothing offered before.

With the JIK.SOO RICH water purifier, besides cold and ambient water, the hot water system can deliver water in five different temperatures, perfect for your cup of coffee at 90 degrees; tea infusion at 70 degrees; baby formula at 50 to 55 degrees; and lukewarm water at 45 degrees. Your instant cup noodles will also be more accurately instant.

Convenience wise - this purifier really takes the cake! It can accommodate whatever your container or mug size. Check out its magnetic drip tray, smart-moving tap, and ice cubes that come in your choice of 8g or 11g cubes!

With all that this machine can do, one would imagine it to be quite large in size, instead, the JIK.SOO RICH is the slimmest ice water purifier in Korea. It offers a sleek and minimalist design and functions using a low electricity consumption of just 530Wh daily.

And just when you’ve thought you already had the icing on the cake, here’s the cherry on top - the JIK.SOO RICH is now available at an introductory rental price of just RM145 (normal RM180) per month; or at RM6,000 for purchase of a unit - terms and conditions apply. Instead of saying more, you’ll need to see for yourself. Drop by one of the JIK.SOO RICH roadshows or visit its website. Information is available at www.skmagic.com.my or via phone at 1800-18-7878.

“Quality drinking water is crucial to good health. At SK magic, we believe that considerations of safety, cleanliness and hygiene in water and ice should never be taken for granted. Through JIK.SOO RICH we are confident in delivering quality clean drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes, taking water purifiers to a level not seen before in the Malaysian market,” Namsu concludes.

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