Sense of comfort

22 Feb 2021 / 10:39 H.

OSYNLIG, the highly anticipated affordable and exclusive candle collection has
finally made it to our shores! OSYNLIG, which means “invisible” in Swedish, is developed in collaboration with IKEA and Ben Gorham.

Featuring 13 scented candles, the collection is designed to evoke different emotions while reflecting the ever-changing moods of the home. With carefully chosen quality raw ingredients, the collection is divided into three categories – fresh, floral, and woody.

“Smell is an important element of the home as it creates a sense of comfort and security. We believe in the evocative, emotional potential of smell that translates memories into products. OSYNLIG is an excellent opportunity to expound on using simple, raw ingredients and striking minimalist packaging, hoping there’s one scent that’ll suit everyone’s space,” said Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo.

Affordably priced between RM24.90 to RM129 per unit, each variant comes in three different sizes. These candles are known to create memorable fragrances that evokes different moods. The variants can even be burnt at once to create a unique scent.

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