Sunway Malls receives APAC leadership award

A leading advocate for sustainable practices

31 Oct 2019 / 16:00 H.

SUNWAY Malls has received a Leadership Award from the Forest Stewardship Council Asia Pacific region recently, becoming the first group of Malls in Asia Pacific and the first in Malaysia to receive the recognition.

The award was given in recognition of Sunway Malls’ leadership role in advocating, educating and bringing awareness on the importance of forest sustainability.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a globally recognised international social and environmental certification. In the Asia Pacific region, FSC is focused in matching market supply and demand for sustainable forest products.

Sunway Malls’ most notable efforts include their commitment to use only FSC Certified toilet paper products, to ensure the paper sheets are obtained from FSC managed forests and produced in FSC certified mills, which safeguards the sustainable cycle of responsible harvesting, and back to replanting. This helps maintain the overall ecology, integrity and longevity of the forests.

The group also placed friendly notices in all of their washrooms, to remind shoppers that trees are the source of paper products hence reducing wastage would help to save the trees. The notices also educate shoppers to take only the necessary amount of tissues they need when in the washrooms.

“Through this exercise, in Sunway Pyramid alone, we saved 17 million sheets in just five months, since we began our commitment. Not only did we successfully reduce tissue paper wastage, we also played a pivotal role in saving many precious trees which earned us this Leadership Award today,” said Sunway Malls COO Kevin Tan.

“We estimate a total reduction of 41 million sheets per year in Sunway Pyramid alone and our target is to reduce by at least 100 million sheets per year in all of our malls,” he added.

The group currently has six malls under its aegis and the seventh will be opening at the end of the year in Johor.

Altogether, there are eight other APAC recipients for this award, including IKEA (China), Tetra Pak (China) and Kimberly-Clark (Taiwan).

“For now, we are pleased to continue working with Kimberly-Clark as they are the first in the industry to have 100% of its suppliers certified as providing fibre from responsibly managed sources.

We will continue our efforts to look for collaboration with other companies advocating sustainability. This is all in line with Sunway’s commitment to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals,” Tan said.

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