The all new Nescafe Gold

10 Apr 2019 / 16:52 H.

NESCAFE unveiled its new look and concept for its NESCAFÉ GOLD range at The Square, Publika on April 9, 2019.

The striking graphic design of brushed gold on its products reaffirms its authentic, accessible and premium appeal, ensuring the continued relevance of the brand to consumers.

To complement the launch, NESCAFE developed the brand-new NESCAFE GOLD experiential container cafe, which provides visitors with a sensory experience showcasing the brand’s expertise in crafting premium quality coffee for the moments that matter.

“Nescafe Gold, I would say, is what happens when love and passion for coffee blends together into a unique mixture,” said Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad’s CEO Juan Aranols.

Nescafe Malaysia’s business executive officer Othman Chraibi said coffee has always been a catalyst of social relationships. When people meet, they invite each other to have a cup of coffee.

“As we emphasize on the quality of the product that we craft, we also believe in those meaningful relationships and those meaningful moments. At Nescafe, we champion connections and re-connections with those, who matter,” he said.

On the Container Cafe, Othman said the brand sees it as a platform to engage in a more premium and qualitative way with consumers.

“We decided to elevate the experience and provide consumers with a set-up where they can enjoy a cup of Nescafe Gold in a different environment. There is a bit of education, information and a lot of pleasure, that we try to deliver.

“We have street art painted on the outside of both the panels of the container. While enjoying a cup of coffee outside, consumers can enjoy the street art,” he said.

The experiential Container Cafe will be located at The Square, Publika until April 14, 2019. The cafe will move to MyTown, Cheras from April 19 to May 5 and will head to many other locations in the weeks to come.

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