The importance of visual branding

Image and personal conduct are key to creating a good impression

09 Oct 2019 / 11:01 H.

HOW we present ourselves at an interview or to our superiors or subordinates is just as important as what we know. Image isn't everything but how we present ourselves to others is important.

"Therefore, we have to look after our appearance and also the way we conduct ourselves in public. Nothing puts people off more than bad manners and looking unkempt," said SP Setia’s certified image consultant Adelene Wong.

Wong who is also the Head of Group Branding and Communications let theSun to take a peek at her life as a certified image consultant.

She said her work varies from day to day.

"Usually first thing in the morning when I reach the office, I have to scan through the news briefly. Thereafter I would have a quick huddle session with my team to remind them about SP Setia's values and the way we serve our customers (internal and external), then I will run through the key task items to be completed for the day," she said.

Wong said as a certified image consultant, she would conduct sessions once a month with new recruits, to brief them about the company’s expectations in terms of grooming and image.

"Then on a weekly basis, I will visit our business units to observe the front liners and at the same time discuss with the head of sales & marketing any challenges they face with regards to the team’s image," she said.

Wong said appearance, behaviour and communication are all interrelated to achieve a presentable image.

She told theSun that people are very much visual driven, judging a person first by their appearance, followed by tone of voice and the way they communicate.

"Appearance is important but it does not mean you can forgo behaviour and communication skills. It all goes hand in hand," she said.

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