Ushering in prosperity with acrobatic lion dancing

10 Feb 2020 / 14:31 H.

The spirit of the Lunar Year takes a different form with the gravity defying performance from the Lion Dance troupe performance that took place at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur (BTHKL). In Chinese mythology, the tradition of the Lion Dance symbolises the welcoming of good fortune and prosperity throughout the year.

Locally, the ancient custom attracts the attention of both the locals and foreign guests, as the tradition evokes the diversity of Malaysian culture through our unique blend of beliefs, race and religion.

This blessed tradition began with prayer offerings at the shrine on the 15th floor of the hotel. The lion dance troupe then made their rounds began around the various departments located in the hotel building to spread positivity and cheer for the hotel staff.

After visiting all the departments, the lion troupe headed to the lobby where a grand performance was then held, where a tray of carved fruits that symbolised blessing and positive spirit were presented.

The occasion was capped off with an acrobatic performance by the two lions.

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